Fair Events & Competitions

The Gloucester County 4-H Fair is loaded with attractions and events.

We have something for everyone! Be sure to check back for our 2015 Fair Schedule!

Featured Events


NJ Peach Queen and Little Miss Peach Contest

The New Jersey Peach Queen and Little Miss Peach Contest is held on Friday of Fair on the main stage at the Gloucester County 4H Fairgrounds, Mullica Hill, NJ.

Who may enter? Girls ages 5-18 (Must send in copy of birth certificate). Must be a NJ resident (proof required). There are five age groups: 5 to 6 years, 7 to 9 years, 10 to 12 years, 13 to 15 years, and 16 to 18 years. There is a winner, first and second runner up per age group. There are only 10 openings in each age group, first come, first served (may be modified at our discretion).

Sponsorship: All contestants must be sponsored by a peach grower. Ask for written permission to use their name as a sponsor for the contest. This written permission can be a business card signed by the peach grower.

Click here for entry information.  All contestants will be required to fill out and return application to the named address.



Knock Down-N-Out



Draft Horse Pull



Kids Mud Mess

The Kid’s Mud Mess will be a 1k (.61 mile) trek through muddy and wet terrain after the 4H Mud Run has been completed.  It will start after the last participant of the 4H Mud Run has crossed the finish line (around 2:00 pm).

Children 12 and under are welcome to participate. Sign up here.

All Kid’s Mud Mess participants will receive a completion ribbon and Kid’s Mud Mess sticker!



5K Get Dirty Mud Run

It’s Gloucester County’s own 4H Mud Run. Run the 5k(ish) course over, under, and through mud and obstacles. The course is designed for any age, however, under 12 will need an adult to run with them. These runners will also need a parent waiver signed. All participants will need to initial and sign the 4H Mud Run Waiver.

The race takes place Saturday morning of the Gloucester County 4H Fair. There will be a $10 parking fee, however, if you are able to go to packet pickup (location tbd), parking passes will be half priced. This parking pass is good all weekend (Thursday-Sunday).

Spectators do not need a ticket, however, parking fees still apply.

Please be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your heat to allow time to park, sign waivers, and make your way to the starting line.  Heat times run from 9:00 am through noon – with more being added if needed.

Sign up here.


TESTIMONIAL:  The 4H Mud run was awesome!  Whether you’re a hardcore athlete with to something to prove or a person just trying to have fun with friends and family, this race was a blast. On this course was massive sand hill that had my calves and quads burning, muddy water, big hay barrels, and many more. The hardest part was at the very end. I had to climb a huge wall then swing from ropes like Tarzan, walk across raised logs, do monkey bar that where on an incline then a decline and then climb a huge warped wall and slide into a muddy pit. It was tough but I kept pushing because I knew my family and friends were hot on my trail. This race is good for a single racer or a team of people that help and motivate each other through. I had so much fun doing the race, the very next day I signed up for following race a year ahead of time.



Midway Games & Amusements



Baby Peaches on Parade

Children are welcome to show their creativity in a Peach Themed Costume Contest. Hand held props are permitted. Mobile vehicles (wagons, strollers, etc), and set ups, or live animals will not be permitted in the competition. Contestants will be judged on Peach Theme, Neatness and Originality of Costume. Each category will be based on a 10 point scale, with a possible score of 30 points.

The contest goes on rain or shine, so be prepared and bring an umbrella. Bring your imagination and your camera and get ready to have some fun!


Car and Motorcycle Show

Click here for more information.


Family Shows & Activities



4-H Fair Parade of Clubs



4-H Livestock Shows (beef, swine, dairy cow, goat)



Day on the Farm Youth Education


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